MoMARSAT2019, End of the maintenance cuise 2019

The cruise MoMARSAT2019 ended on the 4th of July. This year, the EMSO-Azores maintenance cruise took place on board the PP? and for the first time, the under-water operations were performed with the inhabited submersible Nautile.

Cataetyx laticeps

The 35 scientists, engineers and technicians (IFREMER, CNRS, UBO, IMAR-Pt) worked 24/7. During day time, the dives with the submersible aimed to refurbish the infrastructure (the buoy, the seabed stations, all the connected and autonomous sensors), to complete the datasets with in situ measurements, fluid, faunal and microbial samples. The exploration of the turbulence patterns and the geochemical signature of Lucky Strike hydrothermal plume were carried out during night shift.

MoMARSAT 2019 was quite successful and totalized 19 dives with the Nautile, over 35 VMP profiles (Vertical Microstructure Profiler) and 49 CTD casts (conductivity and temperature).

See the data: The picture of the mussel bed, at the base of the Tour Eiffel edifice, and all the other data transmitted in near real time.