Observatory status


   ♦ EMSO-Azores 
    Up and running
    Data download and real time data plot


    Up and running
    Data download

EMSO-Ligure Nice
    Up and running
    Data download

Western Ligurian Sea
    Up and running
    Data download


   ♦ EMSO-Molène 
    Under maintenance
    Data download

Latest news

CHEMINI in AGU2020, Ocean Science Meeting

Published on 20 march

Ocean Sciences Meeting 2020: A greatly appreciated Session about “Autonomous observing systems for macronutrients and bioactive metals in coastal and open ocean settings: present status, challenges and emerging technologies”!

KATERINA: successful connection to the EMSO-Nice cabled observatory

Published on 8 october 2019

IFREMER (France) and MARUM (Germany) have just deployed off the Nice Airport the so-called KATERINA station.The deployment took, place from August 20 to 23, 2019 in the frame of the EMSO-Link project which granted Transnational Access to MARUM as a service provided by the EMSO ERIC.

Successful deployment of the mooring ALBATROSS

Published on 13 september 2019