Marum German institute selected to access EMSO-Nice cabled observatory

Marum’s application was validated by an expert panel last 27th November: the German institute will connect several instruments on the EMSO-Nice cabled observatory, proposed for Transnational Access (TNA) to European research or industrial teams in the framework of EMSO-Link project.

 Marum will install a prototype of seismo-piezometer rod developed within the MODAL project (a French National Research Agency funded project coordinated by N. Sultan, Ifremer). This instrument will simultaneously measure the movements of sediment and the pressure of their pore fluids in response to earthquakes. A Radon probe and a CTD (conductivity/temperature measurement) will also be deployed to detect fresh water seeps as a means to complete the multiparameter study of the factors suspected to contribute to sediment instability off the Nice airport.

Deployment is programmed in August 2019 from R/V Europe, in close collaboration with Ifremer marine technology and geology units. The instruments will be left measuring on site during at least one year.

Access costs are supported by the European Union.

Instruments that will be connected by Marum German Institute on the Nice observatory in the framework of EMSO-Link TNA: seismo-piezometer rod (left), Radon probe (right) and CTD (not sketched). Source: A. Kopf, Marum.

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