EMSO-Molène Infrastructure description

  • Date of Deployment: 13 June 2012
  • Location: north of Molène in the Marine Protected Area “Iroise marine park”
  • Observatory type: coastal cabled observatory
  • Distance from land: 2 km from Molène, 6 nautical miles from mainland
  • Maximal depth: 18 m
Shore station

Station relais sur MolèneStation relais sur Molène

  • Location: on the island of Molène
  • Short description: The relay station is the hub connecting the observatory to the internet. The container houses electrical and optical connections together with computers which run drivers, data storage, data processing software and supervisory software.
  • Temperature probe
Submarine platform

Après un mois de fonctionnement, première visite sur la plate-forme sous-marineAprès un mois de fonctionnement, première visite sur la plate-forme sous-marine

  • Coordinates: 48°24,060' N and 04°56,000' W
  • Short description: The submarine platform lays on a sand seabed sheltered from current and swell by a rocky frame. It consists in a metallic frame and a recoverable instrumental module.
Data access

  • Real time: Free access, no quality check.
  • Complete data: Free access, treated by the quality assurance process (soon), available through DOI.

  • Maintenance frequency: 4 months
  • Duration of operations: 2 days
  • Services available: Cruise preparation, compatibility tests, implementation on site, data transmission, archiving and dissemination
  • Primary contact: Nadine Lantéri1
  • Data management contact: Thierry Carval1, Stéphane Barbot1
  • Maintenance contact: David Le Piver1

1 : Ifremer, France