EMSO Western Ligurian sea, Maintenance cruises



The main objective of this cruise on-board the Pourquoi Pas? was to deploy the secondary junction box (BJS) and 4 instrumentations

  • BathyBot - BathyDock -BathyReef, to study of the deep biodiversity (photos, video), Bioluminescence and installation of a deep sea colonizer
  • Bio stereo camera, dedicated to the bioluminescence of macro-organisms by image reconstruction
  • Seismometer for tsunami and earthquake warnings in the RESIF network
  • Gamma spectrometer for the measurement of the decay of 40K in Ca (photon emission)

The equipment is ready for the final connection to the KM3NeT cabled infrastructure.

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Journal de bord: https://www.mio.osupytheas.fr/fr/mers-et-oceans-changement-global/emso-lo-bathycruise
LEFEVRE Dominique (2022) EMSO LIGURE OUEST 2022 cruise, RV Pourquoi pas ?, https://doi.org/10.17600/18001344

EMSO-ALBATROSS, from 14th to 16th and from 24th to 26th September 2020

The 2020 maintenance operations for the ALBATROSS oceanographic mooring line were successfully completed by the EMSO Western Ligurian team; usually scheduled during spring time, the activities were this year exceptionally postponed to September as direct consequence of the covid-19 pandemic. The campaign included two phases: a recovery of the line, performed on 14-16th September, and a full re-deployment done ten days later, on 24-26th, after the sensors were carefully cleaned and checked and re-powered at the Mediterranean Institute of Oceanography and at the Technical Division of INSU  (Marseille, La Seyne, France). These procedures are essential to sustain real-time data acquisition at the site, between 500 and 2400m depth.

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ESSNAUT, from 3th to 6th April 2016

During the cruise, Nautile deployed a mooring from UGOT, University of Gotenburg and connected it to the Secondary Jonction Box for a Test of PH and pCO2 sensors at deep-sea conditions at the TNA observatory ANTARES. The mooring made un with a multiplexer, sensors, an interlink, an acoustic release & a transponder will be recovered in 2017.

This TransNational Access has received funding from the European Union Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2013-2017) under grant agreement n° 312463, FixO3.

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JUSTINIANO Jean-Paul (2016) ESSNAUT 2016 cruise, RV L'Atalante, https://doi.org/10.17600/16000500

ESTIME, from 8th to 20th October 2014

The ESTIME (French acronym for marine instrument and equipment technological tests) cruise aimed to perform the maintenance of the SJB in preparation for 2016 FixO3 TransNational Access and to validate various equipment and/or marine instruments in the final phase of development through trials at sea.

A dissoved oxygen sensor was connected to the node.

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DUSSUD Loïc (2014) ESTIME cruise, RV Pourquoi pas ?, https://doi.org/10.17600/14000400