EMSO-Western Ligurian Sea, Infrastructure description

  • Date of Deployment: 2019-2020
  • Location: Western Ligurian Sea (NW Mediterranean Sea)
  • Type: Cabled observatory
  • Distance from land: 42 km
  • Maximal depth: 2475 m
MII, Instrumented junction box

Coordinates: 42° 48.3730’ N ; 006° 01.6098' E

Short description: The Module Interface Instrumented "MII" was deployed in May 2019 and connected on the MEUST Node#1. It is cabled to the shore via the MEUST cable.


  • Dissolved O2
  • Temperature
  • Conductivity
  • Pressure
  • Absolute pressure
  • CSTAR transmissometer, beam attenuation, Particles proxy
  • Acoustic Modem
ALBATROSS, Deep sea mooring

Coordinates: 42° 48.3730’ N ; 006° 01.6098' E

Short description: ALBATROSS, the Autonomous Line with a Broad Acoustic Transmission for Research in Oceanography and Sea Sciences, is a standalone deep sea mooring dedicated to the long term monitoring of hydrological and biogeochemical properties. The data are transmitted in real time to the shore using the inductive cable along the mooring line and an acoustic link with the MII.

  • CTD ODO, AQD (500m)
  • CTD ODO (750m)
  • CTD ODO, AQD (1000m)
  • CTD (1250m)
  • CTD ODO, AQD (1500m)
  • CTD ODO, AQD (2000m)
  • CTD, AQD (2200m)
  • CTD ODO, AQD (2400m)
SJB, Instrumented junction box


Short description: The SJB, Secondary Jonction Box, is a sea floor extension to the cabled neutrino telescope MEUST. It is devoted to environmental science, in particular to the study of the meso and sub meso scale hydrological features and of the hydrological events happening at the basin scale. Previously connected to ANTARES, the SJB will be deployed in May 2020.

  • Seismometer
Shipborne profiles and sampling

Coordinates: 42° 48’ N ; 006° 05’ E, 24

  • CTD, oxygen and fluorescence profiles, beam attenuation (down to 2460m)
  • Sea water sampling: nutrients, O2, AT-CT at 12 depths (5,50,100,200,300,500,750,1000,1500,1750,2000,2460)
  • Under water vision profiler (UVP5) : particles and zooplankton profiles
  • Zooplankton net (0-200m) : Zooplankton sampling
Data policy and access

  • Near real time transmitted data (profilers)
  • Periodically recovered data: Free access, previous year data treated by the quality control process, recovery on a yearly basis, download through DOI

  • Maintenance frequency: 12 months
  • Duration of operations: 3 days
  • Services available: Cruise preparation, lab compatibility tests, implementation on site, data transmission, archiving and dissemination.

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  • Primary contact: Dominique Lefevre1
  • Data management: Thierry Carval4, Maurice Libes3
  • Maintenance: Carl Gojac2, Nagib Bhairy2


  • Primary contact: Viorel Ciausu4
  • Data management: Thierry Carval4, Maurice Libes3
  • Maintenance: 

1: CNRS MIO, France

2: CNRS DT INSU, France

3: CNRS-OSU Pytheas, France

4: Ifremer, France