EMSO-Ligure Nice Infrastructure description (2023)

  • Date of Deployment: 20 October 2015
  • Location: Ligurian Sea (NW Mediterranean Sea)
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  • Type: Coastal cabled observatory
  • Distance from land: 0.5 nautical miles
  • Maximal depth: 30 m

Communication and storage center

  • Short description: The Communication and storage center is the location where the submarine network connection to Internet, the data storage and the network technical data monitoring take place.
Shore Station

  • Short description: The Shore Station houses the electrical and optical connections to the airport power grid and optical network.
  • Power supply
  • Temperature probe
East Station

  • Coordinates: 43°38,891' N and 07°13,534' E
  • Depth: 21 m
  • Short description: The East Station lays on a sand and mud seabed. The station hosts the node which distributes power, time stamping and communications to the submarine network.
  • Broadband seismometer
  • Node
  • Junction Box
  • Ports available for additional sensors
West Station

  • Coordinates:  43°38,616' N  and  07°13.150' E
  • Depth: 21 m
  • Short description: The West Station lays on a sand and mud seabed close to the edge of the 1979 landslide scar. The station serves the local set of sensors. It is dedicated to the study of artesian pressure, gas charging and earthquakes as predisposing or triggering factors of slope instability.
  • Piezometers
  • TIPS
  • Junction Box
  • Ports available for additional sensors
Autonomous devices

  • Piezometer ST5-PZ2L-01 (43°38.654' N  and  07°13.153' E )
  • Piezometer ST5-PZ2L-02 (43°38.803' N  and  07°13.167' E )
  • Piezometer F3D2-PZ2L-01 (43°38.755' N  and  07°13.099' E )
Data policy and access

  • Real time transmitted data: Free access, no quality check, counter of the number of consultation, download through DOI
  • Periodically recovered data: Free access, previous year data treated by the quality assurance process, yearly recovery, download through DOI

  • Maintenance frequency: 12 months
  • Duration of operations: 2 days
  • Services available: Cruise preparation, lab compatibility tests, implementation on site, data transmission, archiving and dissemination
  • PI: Sébastien Garziglia1, Karin Sigloch2
  • Primary contact:Sébastien Garziglia1, Yann Hello2, 3
  • Data management contact: Stéphane Barbot1, Sylvie Van Iseghem1

1: Institut Français de Recherche pour l'Exploitation de la Mer (IFREMER), France
2: Centre national de la recherche scientifique (CNRS), France
3: Institut de Recherche et Développement (IRD), France