EMSO-DYFAMED Infrastructure description

  • Date of Deployment: February 1988 (mooring) and 1999 (buoy)
  • Location: Western Ligurian Sea
  • Type: Mooring and buoy
  • Distance from land: 50 km
  • Maximal depth: 10 m to 2400 m
Buoy, ODAS
  • Coordinates:  43.36 °N  and  7.86 °E
  • Short description: 
  • Pyrocontrol (surface)
  • Meteorological station (surface)
  • CTD (surface)
  • CTD (260m)
  • Coordinates: 43.42 °N   and  7.90 °E
  • Short description: DYFAMED is an EMSO standalone deep sea mooring dedicated to physical forcing and carbon fluxes.
  • Temperature (150m)
  • CTD, ADCP, Sediment trap (200m)
  • CTDODO (350m)
  • Temperature (500m)
  • CTD (700m)
  • Temperature (800m)
  • CTD, ADCP, Sediment trap (1000m)
  • Temperature (1200m)
  • CTD (1500m)
  • CTDODO (2000m)
  • CTD (2300m)
Shipborne profiles and samplings
  • CTD, oxygen and fluorescence profiles
  • Sea water sampling: nutrients, AT-CT, Oxygen, pigments
  • Under water vision profiler (UVP5): particles and zooplankton profiles
  • Zooplankton net (0-200m): Zooplankton sampling
Data policy and access
  • Near real time transmitted data:
  • Periodically recovered data: Free access, previous year data treated by the quality assurance process, recovery on a yearly basis, download through DOI

  • Maintenance frequency: 12 months
  • Duration of operations: x days
  • Services available: Cruise preparation, lab compatibility tests, implementation on site, data transmission, archiving and dissemination

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  • Primary contact: Laurent Coppola1
  • Data management contact: Thierry Carval3
  • Maintenance contact (Technical supervisor): Emilie Diamond Riquier, Guillaume de Liège2

1: CNRS-UPMC, France
2: CNRS-IMEV, France
3: Ifremer, France