EMSO-Azores, maintenance cruises

MoMARsat2019, June 2019
MoMARsat2018, from 8 to 28 August 2018

CANNAT Mathilde (2018) MOMARSAT2018 cruise, RV L'Atalante, https://doi.org/10.17600/18000514

MoMARsat2017, from 8 to 28 July 2017

In addition of the yearly maintenance of the seabed stations and instrumentations, the team achieved the deployment of the new relay buoy, the recovery of FixO3 transnational access instrumentation and the deployment of EMSO Generic Instrumental Module propotype. A very busy three-week cruise aboard the R/V Pourquoi Pas?...

SARRADIN Pierre-Marie, CANNAT Mathilde (2017) MOMARSAT2017 cruise, RV Pourquoi pas ?, https://doi.org/10.17600/17000500

MoMARsat2016, from 27 August to 12 September 2016

The team successfully achieved the upgrade of the observatory. The second generation of electronic core, COSTOF2 operates the nodes in place of COSTOF and the observing capacity has been doubled by deploying a series of new sensors: a video camera with an improved image quality, a 100 thermistor string, an array of four hydrophones.

On the occasion of this maintenance cruise, the “Deepcorr” monitoring line dedicated to corrosion experiments has been deployed, thanks to the support of FixO3 Trans National Access.

CANNAT Mathilde, SARRADIN Pierre-Marie (2016) MOMARSAT2016 cruise, RV L'Atalante, https://doi.org/10.17600/16001200

MoMARsat2015, from 9 to 30 April 2015

SARRADIN Pierre-Marie, CANNAT Mathilde (2015) MOMARSAT2015 cruise, RV Pourquoi pas ?, https://doi.org/10.17600/15000200

Blog (French)

MoMARsat2014, from 13 to 31 July 2014

The cruise aims to carry out the maintenance on the observatory and investigate hydrothermal ecosystems in the Lucky Strike region using the ROV Victor.

SARRADIN Pierre-Marie, CANNAT Mathilde (2014) MOMARSAT2014 cruise, RV Pourquoi pas ?, https://doi.org/10.17600/14000300

Result overview (French)

Marine science video portal: See the video data produced during the submersible dives.

MoMARsat2013, from 23 August to 7 September 2013

Third annual maintenance operations on the EMSO-Azores observatory.

BLANDIN Jérôme, SARRADIN Pierre-Marie, CANNAT Mathilde (2013) MOMARSAT2013 cruise, RV Pourquoi pas ?, https://doi.org/10.17600/13030040

Marine science video portal: See the video data produced during the submersible dives.

MoMARsat2012, from 10 to 25 July 2012

The objective of the cruise is to perform the annual technical maintenance and to acquire measurements and spot observations on the Lucky Strike field in order to validate the time series data, extend the range of parameters studied and improve the spatial resolution of the study.

CANNAT Mathilde, SARRADIN Pierre-Marie (2012) MOMARSAT2012 cruise, RV Thalassa, https://doi.org/10.17600/12040050

Marine science video portal: See the video data produced during the submersible dives.

MoMARsat2011, from 29 June to 23 july 2011

First maintenance work on the "standalone" observatory set up on the Lucky Strike volcano and the hydrothermal site of the same name in 2010.

CANNAT Mathilde, BLANDIN Jérôme, SARRADIN Pierre-Marie (2011) MOMARSAT2011 cruise, RV Pourquoi pas ?, https://doi.org/10.17600/11030070

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Marine science video portal: See the video data produced during the submersible dives.

MoMARsat2010, from 1 to 16 October 2010

Led jointly by Ifremer and the IPGP-CNRS/INSU, the research cruise MoMARsat2010 aboard the R/V Pourquoi pas? aimes to deploy an array of oceanographic instruments which will continuously monitor the active hydrothermal processes on the Lucky Strike vent field (Mid-Atlantic Ridge offshore the Azores) during one year. MoMARsat2010 is  one of the demonstration missions of the European ESONET programme that is developing a network of deep-sea observatories.

SARRADIN Pierre-Marie, BLANDIN Jérôme, ESCARTIN Javier (2010) MOMARSAT2010 cruise, RV Pourquoi pas ?, https://doi.org/10.17600/10030100

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